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Next year, I will become the Instructional Technology Specialist at my school. I’m extremely excited about the opportunity to work in with two of my passions - teaching and technology.

I have already been asked to get grant money to buy laptops and the accompanying carts for each “wing” of the school. We have around 300 kids that would need to be sharing these laptop carts. So, step 1 is to find enough grant money to purchase these laptops and carts. Once we know how much money we will receive (I’m thinking optimistically here) I’ll be able to make a decision as to what type of laptop/netbook we can purchase.  There are a lot of choices out there, so any input I receive would be incredibly helpful.  We need laptops with enough power to do anything from keyboarding practice to running higher-end graphics software.

Here are some other goals I have in mind for the upcoming years:

- set up a multimedia center with Apple Computers

- start a NetLiteracy Community Connects program at our school

But, first things first, laptops and carts! Wish me luck!

Survey highlights changing teacher opinions on ed tech


This is what happens when new and younger teachers start to infiltrate the school system. They aren’t scared to use new technology!

K5 Computer Lab Reviews the Point 2 View Camera



K5 Computer Lab provides an extremely thorough and insightful review of the Point 2 View USB Document Camera, and particularly gears the review toward educators looking to expand their tool set and stretch their dollars. 

Among the many things discussed in the review: 

Overall, this is a fantastic bargain for educators looking for a low cost alternative to expensive document cameras.

Please check out the full review!

I think I’ve just found a new thing to put on my tech wish list!

Which Schools Have the Best Broadband Connections?



Map showing broadband access across the United States

Access to broadband at school gives teachers and students access to a wealth of online educational resources. With a quality broadband connection, students from rural areas, inner cities and the suburbs have equal access to the same educational tools.

To see which areas of the country have high quality broadband access, view the interactive Education Broadband Map.

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